Ethical Escrow Officer

Mary Kendall

Senior Escrow Officer

Mary Kendall brings over 20 years of experience to the Oakwood Escrow team. She began her career as an escrow assistant in the early 90’s in Portland, Oregon. Her early training was quite diversified with all types of escrow transactions which proved to be a great asset to Mary’s escrow training and career.

Mary specializes in commercial, resale, 1031 tax deferred exchanges and refinance transactions. She strives to always make the process seamless. Her ability to problem solve and work with her clients towards a timely closing is her specialty. She is also an expert at unraveling difficult transactions and enjoys a good challenge. Mary believes in a ‘hands on’ approach to the escrow process. She is always available to her clients and believes in putting people first.

Mary believes that a great escrow officer is an ethical escrow officer. She is always staying on top of the current escrow laws and procedures. Her favorite part of her job is helping clients in the pursuit of their dreams.

In Mary’s spare time she loves to cook and go to her neighborhood North Park restaurants. She enjoys living in an urban village where new and creative ideas are everywhere. She has 2 wonderful grown children and a beautiful 16 year old granddaughter who lives in Portland.

Mary is very excited to become part of the Oakwood Escrow team. She loves Oakwood’s innovative and fresh ideas and most appreciates the many years of experience both in management and staff. She believes that Oakwood’s proactive approach to the new CFPB regulations puts them a step above other escrow companies. Mary looks forward to closing many seamless transactions with the Oakwood team.


Oakwood Escrow aims to make every transaction as simple, secure, and smooth as humanly possible. The easiest way to open an Escrow transaction with us is by clicking “Open Purchase Escrow” or “Open Refinance Escrow”, or contact us at (619) 430-4584.

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