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Oakwood Escrow acts as a professional third party agent that handles all the details involved in a Real Estate escrow transaction. We are committed to creating solid, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

At Oakwood, our team of escrow specialists are dedicated to supporting you and your business with an exceptional level of service. We are a full service escrow company that handles all types of transactions. Oakwood Escrow provides tailored service to meet your needs.

Residential Resale

Definition: The act of buying or selling a previously owned home.

We know that every transaction is unique and requires the complete focus of a dedicated team of escrow professionals! Our level of experience, professionalism, and attention to detail makes us the most trusted option for every resale transaction. We complete each Escrow smoothly and on time establishing ourselves as a reliable partner in the closing process.

The role of Escrow in the sale or purchase of a previously owned home is to ensure the following steps and requirements are met by all parties involved in the real estate contract:

  • The buyer and seller execute all forms and instructions necessary to complete the transaction, compliant with all federal, state and local governments requirements.
  • The buyer deposits the necessary funds to cover the total sales price and all additional costs. Usually a majority of the funds are secured through lender financing, however sometimes buyers assume the seller’s current loan, obtain financing directly from the seller or pay all cash.
  • The buyer furnishes all documentation required by the new lender.
  • The seller deposits a deed to the property in favor of the buyer which is prepared by Escrow.
  • The seller furnishes all required disclosure reports and the governing documents of any applicable Homeowners Associations.
  • The new lender deposits the loan proceeds.
  • Once all conditions of the Escrow have been met, the deed is recorded to transfer the ownership of the property to the buyer. Other documents may also be recorded at this time including a trust deed, which is the lender’s security document, and net proceeds are distributed to the sellers.

Choosing an Escrow company that will handle your closing with the utmost personal attention and the highest level of customer service is crucial to a satisfactory experience. Your Escrow Officer must meet every deadline and have a keen knowledge of every factor in your transaction. Given that every residential resale has unique circumstances you can trust that Oakwood Escrow will get job done right!

At Oakwood Escrow, our team has the knowledge and experience to effectively handle all types of Residential Resale transactions. Our team has decades of experience and will handle your transaction accurately and in a timely manner!

New Home Sales

Definition: The act of buying a house, directly from the Builder, that is currently in the process of being built or that is vacant and has never been lived in.

The purchase of a new home is different from that of a residential resale. The builder of your home has typically already contracted with an Escrow company that they trust and have an existing relationship with. That relationship offers the benefit of an informed Escrow officer who is well-versed in both the specialized arena of new developments, and the standard procedures and practices of that particular builder. This helps to streamline the entire process!

Our builder services team manages all aspects of the home building Escrow process. They have a long track-record of handling many of these types of closings. Our builder services team is attentive to builder deadlines and we educate the builders’ sales staff on BRE processing and how to streamline the Escrow process and provide a quick and efficient close.

Oakwood’s Escrow officers have built a solid reputation among builders and hold a proven track record of helping them meet their everyday business challenges. Trust Oakwood Escrow with your New Home Sale transactions and be assured your transaction is in excellent hands!

Short Sales & REO’s

Definition: This term refers to a transaction in which the sales price will not generate enough money to cover the payoff of the seller’s existing loan and closing costs. If you are working with a willing lender, a seller may be able to negotiate a payoff amount which is less than the actual amount that would ordinarily be required to payoff the loan. The lender agrees to accept the equity available in the property and the seller receives no proceeds from the sale of the property.

The short payoff is a condition of closing that must be in both the Purchase Agreement and Escrow Instructions. When the lender’s payoff demand is received in Escrow, it is likely to include restrictions on closing costs and the payoff amounts to other lenders and creditors. Throughout the Escrow process, the seller and real estate agent should be proactive about the numbers that the lender will see. Take care to include every possible expense in the seller’s “net sheet” and be aware of the “bottom line” as the process unfolds. Your Escrow Officer can advise you immediately of any significant changes or discrepancies. Remember that the Lender will establish a minimum payoff figure which it is prepared to accept. Keep in mind its willingness to adjust that final figure may vary.

Your Escrow Officer will fulfill the important role of reporting the numbers and complying with the short payoff lender’s requirements. If you have been working with your Escrow Officer to generate preliminary “net sheets” for the lender, then the Escrow Officer will be anticipating the requirements of these unique transactions and will be able to monitor the transaction to a successful conclusion.

At Oakwood Escrow, we have a Short Sale team which is dedicated to our Short Sale transactions. Our team is credible, experienced and trained to foresee troublesome transactions and prevent problems in advance. Trust Oakwood Escrow with your Short Sale transactions and know that you are working with the experts!

Note: The information is intended to present general guidelines and is not a substitute for personalized financial advice. Always consult with a tax advisor or legal counsel before entering a Short Sale transaction.

REO’s Definition: Real Estate Owned – The acquisition of property which is in the possession of a lender as a result of foreclosure or forfeiture.

When the economy takes a downturn homeowners are faced with various predicaments. Some situations may require the homeowner to turn their property over to the lending institution because the mortgage cannot be met. This presents inventory that financial institutions want to unload off their books which is know as an REO transaction. This can be a great opportunity for a potential homeowner or an investor. However, REO transactions have strict deadlines, stringent requirements, and present unique challenges considering you are buying property from a lending institution.

At Oakwood Escrow, we have a great deal of experience dealing with R.E.O. transactions and understand the importance of taking action on all matters within in a timely fashion. Choose us and rest easy that your transaction is being handled by experts!


Definition: To replace an existing mortgage loan with new financing.

Refinancing involves the satisfaction of an existing loan with the funds from a new loan and using the existing property as collateral. In order to decide whether this is worthwhile the savings in interest must be weighed against the fees associated with refinancing. Additional reasons to refinance include reducing the term of a longer mortgage, replacing an adjustable rate loan with a fixed-rate loan or withdrawing cash equity in real property by obtaining a larger new loan. There are plenty of intricacies associated with refinance Escrow. Refinancing requires an experience Escrow officer in order to meet the rigorous deadlines.

At Oakwood Escrow, our Escrow Officers have over 60 years of experience and know how to successfully complete your Refinance transactions in a timely and efficient manner!


Definition: The act of buying or selling a property that is zoned commercial or industrial.

Commercial transactions can have unique challenges making them some of the most difficult real estate transactions to close. The sale often requires that more than just real property pass through Escrow and may include multiple leases and deposits. Our specialized team of Escrow Officers allows us to anticipate such challenges and maintain deadlines in order to ensure a successful close. Oakwood Escrow is well versed in every aspect of the transaction and will execute the most efficient processes in order to maintain the best interests of all parties.

Our officers have successfully managed and closed a wide variety of transactions including:

  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Land Acquisitions
  • Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Properties
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers

With all of your Commercial/Industrial Escrow needs trust Oakwood Escrow’s experienced team. We are used to working with such types of transactions and can successfully get your transaction closed accurately and in a timely manner.

Investment Properties

Definition: A property that is not occupied by the owner which is usually purchased specifically to generate a profit through rental income or resale.

Investing in real estate takes experience, knowledge and foresight. We welcome the opportunity to be your “go to” Escrow Company as you grow your Real Estate portfolio. We will assist you on the paperwork of your investment deals and provide you a streamlined experience.

At Oakwood Escrow, our experienced team excels in dealing with Investment property transactions. We have the insight and knowledge needed to provide you with a successful Investment closing.

New Construction/Vacant

At Oakwood Escrow we have a team that specialized in ‘New Construction’ services for developers. Whether the transaction is a single custom home or multiple properties, we can assist you with your Escrow needs.

For your ‘Vacant Land’ and ‘Tract Home’ needs, our Senior Escrow builder division team can provide you will exceptional service. Our team has expertise in the new home market and provides specialized services including centralized coordination of all BRE processing.

Oakwood Escrow is fortunate enough to have a team specializing in New Construction, Vacant Land and Tract Homes. Our Escrow officers have decades of experience dealing with such types of transactions and can provide you with a seamless closing.

Land/Tract Homes

At Oakwood Escrow we have a team that specializes in ‘New Construction’ services for developers. Whether the transaction is a single custom home or multiple properties, we can assist you with your Escrow needs.

For your ‘Vacant Land’ and ‘Tract Home’ needs, our Senior Escrow builder division team can provide you will exceptional service. Our team has expertise in the new home market and provides specialized services including centralized coordination of all BRE processing.

Oakwood Escrow is fortunate enough to have a team specializing in New Construction, Vacant Land and Tract Homes. Our Escrow officers have decades of experience dealing with such types of transactions and can provide you with a seamless closing.

For Sale by Owner

Definition: To sell or purchase your home on your own without having representation from a Real Estate agent.

At Oakwood Escrow we can handle your ‘For Sale by Owner’ transactions smoothly and efficiently. Throughout the Escrow process we can guide you through the City, County, State and Federal requirements.

When you have found a buyer or seller for your property and agreed upon the terms of the sale, it is advisable to put the agreement in writing

As a ‘For Sale by Owner’ client you have choices that you choose for the many required Real Estate services. Such as Title Insurance, pest control, home protection and natural hazard disclosure documents. We will be happy to provide you with a list of companies available in the area that provide these types of services. This will enable you to compare companies, prices and reviews to make your own decision.

At Oakwood Escrow, as a neutral 3rd party to your ‘For Sale by Owner’ transactions you can rest assured you are in good hands. Our team has the knowledge and foresight to guide you through your closing.

Notary Public

Definition: A person legally empowered to witness and certify the validity of documents and to take affidavits and depositions.

At Oakwood Escrow we have several commissioned Notary Publics. We are available to notarize any documentation throughout the Escrow process. We have commissioned Notary Publics available to notarize extended hours during the week and even on Saturdays! We also have relationships with several mobile Notary companies that we trust who can come to you.

Give us a ring and let us help!

Bulk Sale

Definition: The sale of a business is known as a Bulk Sale. The sale of a business is different from the sale of real estate because a business is defined as personal property. The Bulk Sale Code contained in the Uniform Commercial Code of California governs the bulk sale business escrow process.

The Bulk Sale Code requires the publication of a required Notice to Creditors for a mandatory minimum publication period. The close of escrow usually takes place on the day the Buyer takes possession.

A Bulk Sale may include inventory and assets; often including furnishings, fixtures, inventory, leasehold interest, goodwill, licenses and the name of the business.

The escrow serves to protect the interests of all parties involved; it eliminates the risk for both the buyer and the seller. The uniform Commercial Code of California requires that all monies in a bulk sale, including sales price and inventory of stock in trade, must pass through escrow and requires that no funds are released to the seller prior to the close of escrow. The close of escrow on a Bulk Transfer Escrow is usually the date Buyer takes possession.

The process of handling the sale of a business is different than the process of a real property sale. Therefore, the escrow process of a Bulk Sale requires an Escrow Officer who is highly experienced in handling the complications of a Bulk Sale escrow.

Oakwood Escrow has Escrow Officers who are highly-versed in Bulk Sales and attend classes to continually stay informed of the constantly changing Bulk Sale laws.

A Bulk Sale can be used for:

  • Restaurants
  • Liquor Licenses
  • Gas Stations
  • Mini Markets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Pharmacy Sales
  • Car Wash
  • Medical or Dental Practice
  • Senior Day Care Facilities
  • Board and Care
  • Cemetery Sales
  • Franchise Sales
  • And more…

Holding Escrow

Definition: Holding escrows are done for the transfer of personal property.

A Holding Escrow is a two party agreement to hold funds or documents pending the satisfaction of condition.

Oakwood Escrow is a licensed escrow authority in the area of Holding Escrows. A Holding Escrow is a unique service that can only be provided by a licensed, insured and bonded company with experience.

An example of a holding escrow could involve one individual or entity raising capital from multiple investors for an eventual purchase, not necessarily real estate related. But it can also include the purchase or transfer of:

  • Vessels
  • Hangars
  • Disputes
  • Stock Sales
  • Surrogacy Funds
  • Rental Deposits or Leases
  • Holding Documents & Plan
  • Domain Names
  • And more…

1031 Exchange

Definition: For tax purposes, a 1031 Exchange is a Real Estate transaction involving the sale of one property with the tax on the capital gain deferred because of the qualified purchase of another like-kind property in exchange.

During a time when most tax shelters have been abolished luckily one still remains. It is the tax deferred exchange. An exchanger continues his/her investment by selling one piece of property, which is the relinquished property /first leg, and then uses the proceeds to purchase a second property, which is the replacement property /second leg. Under Internal Revenue Code § 1031 the Exchanger may defer the gain realized by reinvesting in a similar “like-kind” property. In this way the taxpayer is able to reinvest 100% of the sales proceeds without paying any capital gains tax.

Once an Exchanger has transferred the relinquished property several requirements must be satisfied to qualify as a tax deferred exchange under §1031. The taxpayer must identify a like-kind replacement property within 45 days from the first closing and close on the replacement property(S) within 180 days of the closing of the relinquished property.