“SWEAT TO SAVE OUR YOUTH”-Women’s Zumba Class


Why we Zumba

These Classes are open to the Community


ALL PROCEEDS go to the “Hope 2gether” non-profit organization helping to educate and keep prescription drugs out of the hands of our youth.




*This event is sponsored by Oakwood Escrow


*Weekly Zumba class every Monday at 5:00pm


*This class is held at Merrill Fitness & Dance at 12120 Alta Carmel Court  San Diego, CA 92128


*Suggested $5.00 donation at door with ALL PROCEEDS going to Hope2gether.


* Call Angie with any questions at 858-217-5248


Drug education campaign targets real estate professionals

Goal is to reduce prescription drug thefts during open houses


POWAY – An unlikely partnership of two nonprofits and an escrow company is educating local real estate professionals about the need for clients to remove prescription drugs from their homes before opening them up to prospective buyers.


North Inland Community Prevention Program (NICPP), the Hope Foundation and Oakwood Escrow kicked off the educational campaign last week when they distributed 200 zippered, plastic pouches at pre-caravan meetings for Poway and Rancho Bernardo Realtors and representatives of real estate-related businesses.


Recipients were asked to give the pouches to clients so they can easily take along their prescription medications when leaving home before an open house.


H.O.P.E. Foundation Founder-Director Sherrie Rubin grabbed audience members’ attention when she told them her son Aaron overdosed on the powerful prescription painkiller Oxycontin in 2005.


Now 29, Aaron is paralyzed, unable to speak and dependent on his parents for day-to-day care.


NICPP Program Manager Celeste Young said prescription drug abusers have reported that they sometimes steal the drugs from strangers’ medicine cabinets during open houses. The thieves then use or sell the drugs, she said.


Removing medications prior to an open house reduces the opportunities for such thefts. The move also saves home sellers the time and expense of replacing prescription drugs and ensures they are available when the person to whom they were prescribed needs them.


Many of those who received the zippered pouches seemed stunned to learn drug thefts could occur during an open house.


“I am dumbfounded and frightened that this happens,” said Bill Mortimer, a home inspector with San Diego-based HouseMasters. “I don’t think in terms of drug addicts being sophisticated and mobile enough to go into a house and do something like this.”


Realtor Lori Shannon, who also owns San Diego Legal and Real Estate Services, said she and her colleagues always remind clients to take jewelry and other valuables with them before an open house.


“But it never occurred to us to think about drugs,” Shannon said.


The zippered pouches contained a list of sites where leftover medications can be turned in during regular business hours. The sites include all San Diego County Sheriff’s substations and the San Diego Police stations at 12592 El Camino Real and 7222 Skyline Drive in San Diego.


An independent, full-service escrow company, Oakwood can be reached at (858) 217-5264. Information about the nonprofit H.O.P.E. Foundation can be found at www.pillskill.net or http://www.hope2gether.org.


NICPP is a county-funded provider of alcohol and drug abuse prevention services. Call (858) 391-9303 for information about participating in the educational campaign.

Oakwood Escrow sponsors a community ‘Bingo & Wine’ night to help support the Rancho Bernardo Historical Society’s ‘Coyote Tales’ non-profit Children’s program

San Diego, Calif. – (January 18th, 2013) – Oakwood Escrow, a new escrow company in Rancho Bernardo, sponsored a community ‘Bingo & Wine’ event last week on Thursday, January 10, 2013.

The event was sponsored by Oakwood Escrow with all Bingo proceeds going to the non-profit Coyote Tales children’s program.

The children’s program is part of the Rancho Bernardo Historical Society and founded by local resident, Lorraine Kaa. Lorraine goes around to schools teaching the history of Rancho Bernardo and Poway. It is a free program available to elementary schools within Poway Unified School District. Lorraine Kaa, a historical society board member, retired history teacher and former Museum of Man docent, is passionate about her program.

Lorraine’s artifact collection all perished when her Rancho Bernardo home was destroyed in the 2007 Rancho Bernardo Witch Creek fire. Lorraine has been able to continue her program with a $500 grant provided by the historical society. The grant only goes so far and she needs further funding for more artifacts, travel funds and presentation supplies.

Oakwood Escrow’s ideology is to give back to the community and thought the Coyote Tales program was a great cause to be a part of.

The Bingo & Wine night is a monthly event and the next one is Thursday, February 7th from 5:30pm-7:30pm. The cost is $10.00 per person to play Bingo with all proceeds going to the Coyote Tales program.

Bingo & Wine is held at Oakwood Escrow, 16855 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 300, San Diego, CA. 92127. Call 858-217-5248 with any questions.

About Oakwood Escrow “It’s not a new way it’s just called your way”

Oakwood Escrow is a new independent escrow company located in Rancho Bernardo. Oakwood strives to deliver first class service and a unique, customized escrow experience. Oakwood is licensed by the California Department of Corporations (DOC), and is under the most stringent consumer protections in the industry. Oakwood Escrow firmly believes in providing their clients with the highest level of service and integrity. The Oakwood team believes in ‘giving back’ to their community and is involved in local philanthropic and charity events. Oakwood Escrow is always looking for new ways to make a difference in their community and beyond.  www.oakwoodescrow.com


Story by Lily Leung

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Before an open house, a real estate agent’s to-do list may include a thorough cleaning of the home, clutter removal and stowing valuables in a safe.

But rarely do agents think about advising sellers to stow away prescription medications in a secure place and out of the hands of potential pill pilferers, say officials from two health education non-profit groups in San Diego County.

The North Inland Community Prevention Program and the H.O.P.E. Foundation are trying to stop a disturbing trend: Young adults posing as couples are visiting open houses with a scheme. One person distracts the real estate agent and the other rummages through medicine cabinets for pills, everything from painkiller OxyContin to ADHD drug Ritalin.

Deaths related to OxyContin alone have risen in recent years. The San Diego County coroner’s office recorded 17 between 2004 and 2006. They rose to 53 between 2008 and 20009, or 211 percent, based on numbers from county officials. Areas where the rate of OxyContin-related use is higher include Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Torrey Pines and Tierrasanta.

The misconception among teenagers and young adults is that taking prescribed drugs is safer than taking illicit drugs, said Celeste Young, program manager of the North Inland Community Prevention Program. Once in hand, the pills are either ingested or sold for $60 to $80 a pill.

Young adults are turning to open houses because it’s “much easier than bringing them (pills) over the border or purchasing them over the Internet,” Young said.

The two local non-profits and Rancho Bernardo-based company Oakwood Escrow recently handed out 200 zippered plastic bags to North County real estate professionals to encourage them to stash away prescription medications at home listings before showing them to would-be buyers.

Real estate agent Lori Shannon, who attended one of the presentations, said she had never thought about advising her clients to remove prescription pills from open houses. She will now.

“It’s a shame that we have to think about things like that,” said Shannon, owner of San Diego Legal and Real Estate Services in Rancho Bernardo. “Being a parent of a teenager, (you realize) drugs are everywhere. … Even if the homeowner does not take advantage of it, you’ll feel better to have reminded them.”

Real estate agents who may encounter pill thieves at listings are encouraged to report the incidents to police, said Young, with the North Inland Community Prevention Program.



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